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When a garage opener breaks down you might want to consider buying a new one. If you still want to use your existing garage opener and just have it repaired that too is an option and we can help you with that. At The Garage Door Guys we offer specialist garage opener installation and repair services. Our technicians are highly trained and certified. Call us in Elkridge today for services and garage door opener products.


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Our experts are trained to install and service all the various garage opener designs – belt drive, chain-drive, or screw-drive. Our technicians will install your new garage door opener in no time. We have live operators ready to assist you with all your garage opener concerns 7 days a week!


Call for services 7 days a week. We can recommend the new generation of garage door openers if you are upgrading your garage or you want to remodel your home with a new garage door design.


Features to look for in a new door opener: When choosing a new garage door opener some of the features you want to pay special attention to include the noise level, backup power option, remote operation, and remote monitoring. Quiet garage openers are very expensive but depending on your application, quiet and peace of mind is probably worth the price. Power backup options too are a bit pricey, but well-worth the price if you do not want the inconvenience of having to manually operate the garage door in the event of a power failure, etc.


At The Garage Door Guys we offer you all the latest garage door opener technologies and models by all your well-known and trusted brands.

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